Lower School students at computers


Our instruction is tailored to children’s innate curiosity, developmental needs, and creative impulses. Teachers collaborate to produce engaging lessons that nurture inquisitiveness, intellectual courage, and empathy. 365bet的院长推动最先进的项目,以支持课程开发和学生福祉, and our energetic Parents’ Association helps facilitate classroom events, field trips, celebrations of diversity, and conversations about parenting practices.

For more detailed information about Poly’s Lower School curriculum 按年级,365bet的早期儿童课程,小学课程和专业科目,请参阅365bet的 curriculum guide.

Lower School Curriculum Guide for the 2022-23 Academic Year
  • Art

    Through the study of art, Lower School students learn to think creatively, see the world from multiple perspectives, 并建立一种丰富的新语言来表达自己和他们的艺术身份. Our curriculum synthesizes both product- and process-centered art making, 同时强调每个年轻人的想象力,鼓励艺术实验和冒险. Students enjoy new media and projects in each grade, including needle felting, wood work, portraiture, line drawing, pottery, and more. In Grade 4, students sketch a famous artwork of their choice, such as a Kehinde Wiley portrait, 坐在凳子上,并运用他们在低年级时学到的所有绘画技巧来绘画和复制艺术作品. Students’ artwork is displayed on a rotating basis throughout the Lower School, 每年春天,低年级学校开放之夜(Lower School Open School Night)会举办学生作品的正式展览.

  • Dance

    In our sun-filled Aberlin Dance Studio, 学生专注于通过想象、手势和动作来表达情感和想法. Young dancers explore the gestural properties of arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes, the head, and the torso. 他们学习移动的方法,然后参加简短的动作项目和舞蹈游戏,帮助训练他们的协作动作. 1-4年级的学生开始体验和掌握越来越复杂的舞蹈词汇,以编排自己的作品,并在每学年结束时为家长观众表演舞蹈.

  • Literacy

    低年级培养了终生热爱阅读和通过文字表达思想的能力. Beginning in the youngest grades, teachers use sight, hearing, touch, 以及帮助孩子们将语言与字母和单词联系起来并发展基本阅读技能的运动. As students move through the grades, 他们的注意力从解码转移到语言理解,因为他们喜欢和分析各种各样的体裁. By fourth grade, 学生们在产生和探索复杂问题的过程中领导着自己的文学圈子, identify symbolism and other literary devices, discuss themes and morals, and practice taking multiple perspectives. In all grades, students learn to express themselves in writing, conducting research and summarizing their ideas in essays, crafting clear and engaging personal narratives, and developing their voices as growing authors. In addition to their daily English Language Arts classes, 每周访问低年级图书馆和一个吸引人的作者访问计划激励365bet的学生成为终身读者.

  • Math

    Problem solving is at the heart of Lower School mathematics. Our research-based approach includes powerful visual models, engaging hands-on activities, 在学生发展数学推理技能的过程中,有意识地从具体经验发展到抽象表现. Rather than focusing on rote memorization, 学生们通过学习一些处理数字和解决多步问题的方法来锻炼他们的思维灵活性. Through school-wide math challenges curated by our Math Specialist, 学生们可以应用他们的技能,并将自己视为一个更大的社区中的数学家.

  • Music

    365bet认为音乐对儿童的智力和情感发展至关重要. 孩子们在三年级学习多种文化的歌曲,并与父母和朋友分享 & 4 Winter Concert and Spring Concert. By the time they graduate, 365bet所有的学生都能唱得合调子,并通过弹奏木琴体验了基本的管弦乐, recorder, and drum. Throughout the curriculum, we emphasize learning to harmonize and work together. 365bet也鼓励学生在放学后或通过365bet的午餐音乐课程单独学习音乐课程.

  • Physical Education

    The two Lower School P.E. teachers not only train students in physical skills used in a variety of sports, but also how to collaborate with their teammates. 通过提供一个友好的环境,让不同层次的孩子磨练他们的技能.E. is about having fun, trying new games, and being kind to those around us. 展示良好的体育精神和诚实是保利小学体育项目的重点.

  • Science

    365bet的科学实验室为每个年级的学生提供了动手实验的机会. As early as Kindergarten, 年轻的学习者探索如何使用科学工具,如放大镜和显微镜. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to think as scientists and develop hypotheses, 并进行一步一步的实验,需要他们收集和组织数据并得出结论. 可持续发展项目帮助学生理解365bet共同生态系统的复杂性,并促使他们思考他们在世界上发现的问题的解决方案.

  • Social Studies

    In the Lower School, students develop research techniques from a young age by asking questions, interviewing friends and neighbors, making observations, and visiting places of interest. As students get older, they learn to gather information from primary sources and other material, identify the characteristics of trustworthy information sources, 挑战自己,从多个角度思考历史和时事. 小组讨论和得出结论是365bet课程的基石,学生可以探索基本问题, such as “How does geography affect culture?” and “How have past events shaped what’s happening today?“学生在各种体验式学习活动中展示他们的理解, 从步行穿过365bet大桥,研究它的建造故事,到参观日本协会,将他们对这个国家的研究扩展到撰写关于过去不同社区的报告和创建模型. 实地考察和接触真正的文物和活动在丰富365bet的社会研究课程中起着不可或缺的作用.

  • Spanish

    Since 2012, Lower School has offered Spanish as part of the curriculum. The main objective is to expose students to the language, culture, and customs of the Spanish-speaking world, which spans 22 countries and four continents, 包括纽约市的很大一部分社区,365bet的学生和家人在那里生活和工作. 365bet相信在年轻的时候学习一门语言的最好方法是让学生积极地用那门语言交流, learning to speak, listen, and think in Spanish. Therefore, 365bet的西班牙语课程采用交际的方法,着重于语言的实际和社会应用.

  • Technology

    从预习到学习在互联网上做论文研究,技术是低年级每一个课堂经验的一部分. There is also a time for students to come to the Tech Lab, where students have access to age-appropriate technology, graphic design, a 3D printer, and robotics equipment. Formal coding and keyboarding instruction begins in third grade, 但是所有年级的学生都知道逻辑和顺序思维的重要性.